Make a Change

The reason I started this blog was for my children. I was scared and fearful of their future, and did not know what to do. I felt helpless and powerless. How can one person make a difference? The situation seemed hopeless.

Then I realized that I had no right to feel that ā€“ my children and all future generations deserved better. I did not know the impact I could have on the climate change issue, but I did know that I could add my voice to it. I had to try.

So I started making some changes. Things I did for 15 years one way, I now do differently. It is actually fun, to shake it up a bit, add variety to the ol’ routine. It is interesting to see how easy it is once you take the plunge, making some big, and some little, changes. I am just a regular city mama, making green changes day-by-day. Next year I will step it up a notch and become more political too. To quote MJ:

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change”.

I love that song; it has such a powerful message.

The change today ā€“ a brand new blog header! What do you think? I am so proud of it, as did it all myself using (if you can believe it) the drawing tools in excel. It is inspired by my children, and how I hope we will change in time to leave them a beautiful planet.


9 thoughts on “Make a Change

  1. I have considered this question too. What kind of planet do we want to leave behind for our children? Is it a decrepit environment where many species go extinct and our water and air are polluted?

    I agree we can make a change, however small, by taking care of our environment today. Great post, Sherry.

    • The real hope is that our governments will start to notice that regular people really care about the environment and are frightened for their children and grandchildren. Only then will they risk taking the leap to actually getting down to business to cut emissions and develop renewables. It is my hope!!

  2. Fantastic post. It was having a child that changed me into someone who started thinking about the future too – I don’t think it’s unusual, but what I love is that you have taken action instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed or the usual feeling of ‘what can one person do’. Excellent and inspiring – thanks for putting into words and actions what many of us feel x

    • Thanks Mrs. Green, from one Green to another! I really like your zero waste approach – very inspiring and there are a lot of good ideas on your site! One of my goals for 2011 is to significantly reduce waste (including that which can be recycled) coming out of our house.

  3. I love the blog header! I’m excited to know people like you hold concern for their children’s future, and not only that, but take action to do something about it!

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