This evening I was walking outside as the snow fell. I was going to a meeting. I was staring down at the sidewalk as I went along, noticing how the untouched snow sparkled under the dim street lights. The sky was pink and dark, as it often is when it snows at night. I felt a sense of peace, and like the situation reminded me of something. Then it hit me. It reminded me of being a kid; walking outside, snow in my hair and on my eyelashes, enjoying the moment.

Earlier today I was chatting with a couple work colleagues, both of whom have older children. One of them just had both his children move out on their own, each straight into a brand new built house. Someone else remarked how kids these days go out into the world expecting the best of the best right off the bat. They don’t go with the second hand furniture or hand-me-downs. They buy brand new houses and brand new cars and top of the line appliances. Then we started talking about appliances we had. Someone asked me about my dryer. “I don’t use it”, I replied. “Why!?!” they asked. I paused, smiled, and then answered, “I am trying to walk more lightly upon the Earth”.

Hmm, I bet that got them thinking.

Tonight walking back from my meeting I noticed that the footprints I had made 2 hours earlier were now covered over with snow. I walked over it again and made new ones.

The problem is not walking upon the Earth. The problem is walking so heavily that the footprints never fade.


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