Path before me

I wonder where this will all go.
Where I will be,
How I will contribute.
Will I be ready if necessary?
Will my children?
How we leave this world?
How will it all end?

Part of me wants to write a book.  Part of me wants to scribe this experience, with the hopes that others will learn from it.  How much value would that add?  Would it even make a difference?

Part of me wants to walk through the halls of higher learning.  I want to understand the issues we are facing in detail.  I want to be an expert.  Perhaps then people will listen to me?  Perhaps then I can divert my full energy to making a difference?

Part of me wants to start a non-profit organization, promoting local food and local artisans.  Perhaps by facing our consumption habits head on, will we realize that true happiness can only be found through connections with others and with nature?

Part of me wants to work for a non-profit organization, pouring my energies into solutions for change, for the good of all, for our communities, for each other.  Can I use my background as a stepping stone to get there?

These are the choices before me.  Which path I will take, I do not know.

English: Path next to the Nutbook Trail