It is my blogiversary.

One year ago, I posted “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and it was. It was 27°C (-17°F) that night and I had just decided to turn down my thermostat. Brrr.

I wanted to go green and spread green, and thought a blog was one way to do it. I started with the easy changes, ones that require almost no extra effort – reusable coffee cups, reusable bags, turning out the lights. I switched my almost potty trained daughter to cloth diapers at night. I still get search hits on night time diapers from that post….

Then I started really noticing all the garbage around me, the stuff I was creating, the stuff I was responsible for. Toy packaging, Styrofoam, food packaging, napkins, wrapping paper – I made a commitment for each.

Next I looked at my energy consumption. I started a spreadsheet and tracked my power and gas usage. I started running the dishwasher at night, changed all my light bulbs and air dried our clothes. My power bills dropped immediately. Saving money was fun!

Then I looked at what I was consuming, in the material sense. I had a mind blowing experience in Wal-Mart. I made New Year’s resolution to buy nothing new for three months. It seemed like it would be really hard but it just… wasn’t. It felt good and I am still committed to it. I use what I have. I don’t waste. TV commercials annoy me now. My bank balance continues to grow…

Then I got started with food. At first it was to the shop the bulk bins to cut down on garbage, and to make it and bake it where possible. Then I learned about local food and the 100-Mile Diet. I was hooked.

I went to the Farmer’s market to buy local food for the first time. I was beaming on the inside. This just felt so right.

Then in the dead of winter, I started planning my first garden. I learned about tomatoes and beans and onions and carrots and how to grow them.

I bought a composter. I made a seed plan, a garden plan, and raised plant babies from seed. I built garden beds. We planted it all outside. It grew. We harvested.

I made jam. I climbed apple trees and made apple sauce. I rescued local fruit hidden in my city through OFRE. I went out to farmer’s fields with my kids and we picked strawberries and raspberries and peas. I built a cold room. I made canned pickles and peaches and strawberries and raspberries and tomato sauce and salsa. I jarred over 150 jars. I froze cherries and corn and peas. I put it all up for the winter.

While doing all this I was reading books and watching documentaries, like No Impact Man, 100-Mile Diet, Tipping Point, The Age of Stupid, Economics of Happiness, Food Inc., Dirt! and Home. They opened my eyes and continue to inspire me.

As the months went by, things started to get a bit political. I was frustrated and things got messy. I felt angry and sad, but defiantly hopeful. I got the greenie blues. I considered free hugs.

Then people all over the world started occupying squares and parks and saying that they wanted a government that did not play into the best interest of corporations before citizens. I saw this as a breakthrough for the climate change issue. We needed to Occupy Earth.

It has been a wild ride, and I thank all of you who have come along with me on this journey to go green and spread green and to build love, hope and optimism for a brighter future.



6 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogiversary, Sherry! You’ve been a great inspiration to me to keep on blogging and be fearlessly political, even when the greenie blues hit me (more often than I’d like to admit). Keep up the good work.

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