Everyone who lives on this Earth has a responsibility to watch the film “Home” by Yann Arthus-Bertand.  It will take you for the ride of your life.

It is a breathtaking journey of the splendours our beautiful planet, covering all continents and many countries. We are awed by the images so rarely seen, taken as if from an outside observer from space. Some are so startlingly beautiful, and you can’t quite piece together what you are looking at. All of them are natural wonders, and all of them remind us of the bounty and miracle of the place we call home.

Then reality sets in, as scenes move from untouched wonders, to scarred and battered lands. Splendid wilderness gives way to industrialization, where humans have changed things. The land bears the most obvious visual changes, but we can see it also in the dwindling water. What we can’t see, but is most dangerous, is how we have changed the air.

Near the end of the film enormous weight of the problem hits home. This sacred place in the universe, teaming with life, is under threat. Is it too late?


But we only have 10 years to turn it around.

And turn it around we can. There are changes that are happening in such diverse places as Denmark, Gabon, Germany, South Korea, Costa Rica and Iceland.

I start to cry.

I know the dismal state we are in. I know the hour is late. The film illustrates this with striking artistry and beauty that I have never seen before in my life. I am overjoyed and deeply saddened by it at the same time. Truly knowing what we have, and how close we are to losing it, leaves you on the precipice of hope – for where else can you be?

I cry because of the examples of hope that are provided at the end of the film. Real actions are being taken that have real impacts, big impacts. There is a way out and we have the technology and the knowledge to do it today. So I cry tears of joy, because of the affirmation that it is possible, that change is not just happening in some places, it is happening in many places.


We all need to change. We need to act individually, by setting the example for others. But we also need to act together.

We only have one Home.

*many thanks to Only One Earth for posting this video.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Tell me about it! I cried while watching Home last year because it hurts my soul to see such beauty on the planet destroyed by our greed. I cried again last night, looking at the digital photo album my brother sent after returning from Fiji, thinking “how long will this place still look like this”?

    Yes, real change is happening, but why does it feel like the destruction carries on at a pace we can’t catch up to?

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