Climate for Change

Can our actions make a difference? Is the problem too vast? Do the actions of one individual count?

The film “Climate for Change” answers with a resounding yes. It plots out the actions of everyday people from around the globe, each with a passion for change, each willing to take the leap of faith, each knowing that no matter the outcome, they have to try.

The film features beautiful poetry by Simon Armitage. The poetry forms the narration of the film, and it is spoken as if by an angel, or some other being from above. The message is of caution and encouragement. It really struck me, so I have laid the words out for you here:

The Earth from above
The face of the Earth
Its range and its depth
Its scope, its breadth

The Earth itself
beyond belief
The Earth itself
an intake of breath

Such unequalled heights
Unparalleled scenes
Fantastical lands
Incredulous seas
Such extraordinary air

The Earth in fact like nothing on Earth
Inexplicably rich
Unaccountably rare

But at certain angles
In certain light
The Earth looks out with a different face
The scratches, the wounds, the burns and the scars
Apparent now in this climate of change
Now the weather has taken a turn for the worse.

The Earth is the Earth
And it seems not ours
Dauntingly massive
Out of our hands

Cart wheeling, barreling, spiraling on

Too distant to touch
And too wide to embrace
Beyond the grasp of just anyone

But here and now across the globe
There are those who think with a different mind
Who are pitching in, or drawing a line
Who are underwhelmed by the size of it all
Who are taking it on, one bit at a time

Atom by atom
Drop by drop
Little by little
Grain by grain

They are making choices that make for change.

Yes the Earth is the Earth
and it seems not ours
Dauntingly massive
Out of our hands

But the world is your world
The world right there in front of your face
The world you can hear and see and smell and touch and taste
A knowable, local, everyday place

A world you can shape by action and deed
Closer to home, belonging to each
That world at least, is within your reach

– Simon Armitage

Listen to them spoken, they are beautiful:


4 thoughts on “Climate for Change

  1. I agree. I can’t stand all this defeatist, tragedy-of-the-commons thinking. The impact of individual action to mitigate climate change isn’t limited to the direct results of that action. In working to create a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s inevitable that others will take note, and realize the emotional, financial and security-related advantages associated with it. We are social creatures, and our behaviour–good or bad, sustainable or not–carries a multiplying effect.

  2. I agree with your post and with Scott’s comment. Fighting the good fight, even when the odds seem to be stacked against us, is so important simply as a way to set a good example and inspire others to join. Nothing ever gets done when people believe the challenge is too great. We. Must. Try.

  3. Do you have any idea where we could get the entire poetry script? The entire movie follows suit with such beautiful words, that I’d like the whole thing written out!

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