Let #OccupyEdmonton Stay

So, as luck would have it, #OccupyEdmonton is facing its second eviction threat from Melcor Developments. The first time around was 2 days after the encampment began (which was averted!) and now they are threatening them again with a deadline of Sunday at 11 pm.


Image by Ian McKenzie via Flickr

Wanting to support the local movement in my city, I just fired off this email to Melcor (info@melcor.ca) and to the mayor, Stephen Mandel (stephen.mandel@edmonton.com).

To whom it may concern,

#Occupy Edmonton is a movement by some people, for many people. They have a broad base of support across Edmonton, that goes deep and wide. These are people who are sacrificing their time and comfort to stand up for democracy on behalf of all of us.

It is not right that oil companies get a break on royalties because they are cozy with the Alberta government. It is not right that Alberta is allowing foreign workers to stream in to work in the oil sands for much cheaper wages, leaving some Albertans unemployed. It is not right that the Alberta’s environmental monitoring of the oil sands is catastrophically lacking, such that even the Federal Environmental Commissioner agrees. It is also not right that Canada lags the developed world in doing something serious about climate change, and that much of that policy is for the emission requirements of oil sands companies.

Alberta has banked it’s future on being the peddler of dirty oil, and the Alberta Government is right behind them, funding oil PR campaigns in the millions.

I am not a hippie or some wing-nut clinging to the next cause. I am a professional, I am an accountant, I have a business degree from the U of A. I am also a mother to two young children who deserve a better future – one where climate change remains a threat and not a reality, and one where the people decide in the direction of this province, not the corporations, not the oil companies.

Let them stay.

I am begging you, for the sake of real democracy in this province, let them stay.

They are peaceful, they are respectful, they are non-violent. They represent the opinions of many Edmontonians.

Please – as a citizen of Alberta, Canada and the world, LET THEM STAY.




Image by bulliver via Flickr

Want to help?

1) email info@melcor.ca

2) email stephen.mandel@edmonton.ca

3) sign this petition


5 thoughts on “Let #OccupyEdmonton Stay

  1. This is a tough one, Sherry. Why did they choose a privately-owned park? Were they expecting the company NOT to try to evict them? I want them to stay, don’t get me wrong, but if they had chosen a public park this might not be happening. Here in Toronto, OccupyToronto is in St. James Park, and as far as I know, the City has not tried to boot them off the land. It’s hard enough to get the message across, why make it even harder?

    • It is not a privately owned park in the sense that the public cannot use it. The public uses it all the time, for festivals and BBQs and for just hanging out. It is one of the few green areas in the downtown core, and no other spot would have the visibility of this park. Many “public” parks do not necessarily mean they are owned by the government. Even Zuccotti Park in NYC was threatening eviction from Bayfeild Asset Management, a Canadian company. Melcor is the same, it is a company that manages, buys and sells properties.

      I think they were trying to evict them based on a city bylaw that says you cannot camp in a public place after 11pm anyway, not for trespassing.

      In anycase, they were not evicted, so Hooray!

      • Wow, so the Melcor people were just trying to be jerks about it, then. And all they do is manage properties? Why would they care? Anyway, good thing the eviction didn’t pass. 🙂

  2. wonderful to get your information and to know there is an Edmonton Occupy movement Please view my site http://www.escapefrommanhattan.com to know my concern for what is occurring in Northern Canada HAARP is creating a Nothern Ocean Year Round Shipping Route for Frobisher Bay Mine and of course the Oil/Gas Industry who are working on making Yellowknife Cheers Georgia Love author

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