Cultivate a Better World

Our food system has to change to be more sustainable. It has to respect the farmer, it has to respect the soil, it has to respect the animals, and it has to respect the fact that there is just way too much carbon in the sky already, to justify shipping food all around the world. In most places, food can be grown near where we live. We need to eat what is grown close, we need to eat what is grown without polluting the sky and earth, and we need to eat more whole foods to improve our health.

In short, we need to go back to the start. We need to go back to the way people used to farm, the way people used to eat. People used to eat food grown close to home, from their own backyards, from the neighbour’s farm that also sold to the local grocery store. Fertilizer was not used, GMO foods did not exist. Large and powerful food corporations did not exist.

Chipotle, an international food chain, thinks we need to go back to the start as well. That is why they filmed this short video.  To be honest, it left me a little misty, as it is an issue so near and dear to my heart:

*thanks to Scott at Batshite for sharing this video!

What do you think? Do we need a reboot to go back to the start?


10 thoughts on “Cultivate a Better World

  1. Genius video, I’m going to rewatch it when I’ve finished writing this I thought it was so good.
    And also, I’ve just found your blog through the “Environment” Tag, and am so so so happy I did. I’ve just started a green issues blog a few days ago and have been searching for similar blogs but yours is the first I’ve found any inspiration in. Thank you! I will be reading more of your posts and checking out links on your blog roll! So refreshing to find a another blogger who seemingly shares my passionate caring for the world (: xxx

    • Say it ain’t so! I just looked up the corporate information of Chipotle and noticed that they were a public company… I looked up their Board of Directors and most were independent, but some had a history of working for McDonalds…. Then I looked up the financial statements of McDonalds and could not find investments relating to Chipolte, or minority income relating to Chipotle. So nothing was overly apparent. Perhaps McDonalds does own some shares… But the founder of Chipotle did not appear to have anything to do with McDonalds…

      If they are related somehow, perhaps Chipotle’s good sense will rub off on them.

    • I did not get to go, at the last minute! I was so disappointed! I found the Edmonton picture on the site though, and there was a good turnout, so that is good. I had a last minute cancellation appointment to get an energy audit on my house, it was kinda a use it or lose it situation, so I had it done. When I get the report, I just may blog about it. 🙂

  2. Cute video. I’ve eaten at Chipotle (and no, it’s not owned by McD’s), and it’s not bad. I like that the meat is hormone and antibiotic-free, but I’m pretty sure the chickens that give their lives to Chipotle were raised in crowded cages. After all, you can provide good feed without necessarily providing good living conditions. The video gives the false impression that all of Chipotle’s meat comes from humane sources, but I think they’re not quite there yet. At least they’re trying.

    • We don’t have Chipotle here, so I have never eaten there. I had never heard of them until I saw this video. I would hope they get their meat from animal friendly places, as that is what is definitely conveyed in the video.

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