Food Grower (me)

Check out what I pulled out of the garden a few days ago.

I went in for some maintenance thinning on the carrots and beets. The square foot gardening book said to plant two carrot seeds in every hole, so I did. Two carrots came up, pretty much in every hole. So the book said to thin them out as baby carrots, when the carrot greens are about 4 inches high, which they were, so I did. So now, I have baby carrots!

I gave them to my kids, greens and all, laid across their plates, greens hanging over. We heard a lot of “ehhhhhh, what’s up doc?” at the table that night. Carrots were munched up and gonzo before they had eaten anything else. I asked them if they remembered planting them as tiny tiny seeds (somehow tiny fingers do a better job at this).

“Yes! We did!”

Did you remember when they poked through after all that waiting?


Now that they have grown into a yummy carrot, what do you think?

Crunch, munch, smile. “Ehhhh, what’s up doc?!”

As for the beets, it is interesting how the seed is actually a seed cluster, so more than one is always going to come up. Time to thin! In doing so I have discovered that beets have a great side benefit – beet greens. They are tasty and soft and so interesting in mixed salad greens. What other vegetable can you eat the whole thing – root, greens, stems?

I know – onions! I chopped off some of their greens for green onions as well.

Raspberries are also just starting to come out, won’t be long and we will have enough for jam and freezing.

My peas are finally flowering, and I have tomatoes forming, with lots of blossoms to come. My potato plants are huge in one part of the garden, and small in another. Live and learn. I am already dreaming up places I will put them next year. Tucked in with some perennials in the front? Against the garage in the alley? In pots on the patio? Look what this guy did with a pot, look how many potatoes he got!

I am one of those people now.

Check it out, I can grow food. Me, with food growing, in my tiny backyard. It is possible.


6 thoughts on “Food Grower (me)

  1. So cool! I’ve loved watching your progress with your vegetable garden. And what a cool way to teach your kids about where food comes from! I can’t wait until I have a little outdoor space myself. Currently it’s just my sad little potted herbs indoors. Whenever they get droopy, I put them outside (which I’m not supposed to, but no one can claim that my tiny little herbs obstruct emergency fire exit) until they perk up. Plants really do belong outside!

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  3. Lovely post. I’ve said it before: your kids are so lucky to grow up with a food education!

    It’s funny, I was thinking about Bugs Bunny and his love of carrots. I wonder how many kids have only ever seen carrot greens in that cartoon? I wonder how many more kids can’t make the link between the carrot greens and the fact that carrots grow as roots under the ground? These days, with bagged baby carrots (which are just the sweet cores of regular carrots – let’s hope something productive is done with the outsides) purchased out of convenience, there’s even less evidence that this food comes from the ground. Sad!

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