Make Your Bed – Part III

My garden is now growing.

I constructed my garden beds (Part I) and filled them with dirt (Part II). Then it was time for the fun part. Planting!

Planting is definitely pretty easy. The hardest part is deciding what to plant where. There are so many choices, so many combinations. Some plants are good companions, some are not. Some plants grow big and create shade for the others. Some plants like hot sun, others prefer cool temperatures. Some will tolerate some shade, some will not.

So I planted a mixture of heat lovers, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in my hot spots. I planted my cool weather friends, such as peas, in my cooler spots. I planted some lettuce and carrots and onions in a less sunny spot, where they will still grow, just not as big. I planted two large self-watering bins of summer salad fixin’s right out my back door – carrots, lettuce, peppers, basil, parsley beets and a tomato. I also found spots for potatoes, pole beans (to climb an archway vine!), bush beans, cilantro and dill.

Let it grow.

Here is a peak into what we were doing on May 1st.

Planting peas:

Planting onions:

Covering our onions up with dirt:

A couple weeks passed, and this is how things looked on May 17th:

Sugar peas popping up:

Onions showing their stalks:

Pretty shelling peas showing their leaves:

Carrots peaking up:

Lettuce and beets on the way (love the red stalks!):

My backdoor bins in the sunroom showing their shoots (clockwise from left: peas, peppers, carrots, lettuce, beets, basil, and tomato):

There you have it. All the seeds and seedlings are planted; everyone is safely tucked into their garden beds.  In the next post I will show you how they look now!

I loved this process. I felt like a builder, creating goodness in my yard. I felt like a novice farmer, planning crops and setting seeds. It felt good to show my children how to plant food. I felt inspired by nature – putting a tiny inert speck of a carrot seed in the ground and then watching it actually push through the dirt and reach up for the sun.

Life. It is amazing, isn’t it?

I loved the time spent outside with the kids, in the sunshine and fresh spring breezes – building, digging, exercising, creating, planting.

Now we wait.  Now we watch it grow.

What is your garden growing?


8 thoughts on “Make Your Bed – Part III

  1. Our garden is growing slowly. We’re taking it a bit easy this year, and we still hope to put out some squash. I love your beds! I really want to build more beds in the next few years. It is so fun to watch things grow and watch our growing children watching their gardens grow. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I am scheming plans for next year too. Some stuff is growing slowly, some is growing a bit faster. It is a new learning experience for me so I don’t really know how slow is too slow! I also like sharing it with my children. I cannot wait for them to get to help harvest some food!

  3. Sherry, I am so excited for you and your family! You’re growing some mouth-watering veggies. Your kids are so lucky. Not only are they learning where food comes from and how it grows, but you’re passing on hands-on gardening skills to them so that they can grow their own food when they go out into the world. I am so grateful that my parents built a veggie garden every year and took me outside to plant, weed, water, stake, and harvest. There are too many kids these days who never get an opportunity to witness the miracle of food growing from a tiny seed with nothing more than healthy soil, water, and sunlight.

  4. It is so true. It has me thinking that we need to set up a veggie gardening program at my son’s school (he starts kindergarten next year). I would like to be involved in helping with something like that. When we were picking out seeds, my son asked if we could get some pizza seeds! Just goes to show – they will not learn it unless taught!

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