Nature in the City

I am normally not much of a poet, but was inspired to write these today.   I think poetry has a lot to do with noticing the world around you.  Observation, then reflection:

Nature in the City

A falcon, flying, coasting in the wind, circling
Over a freeway
Looking for dinner among the asphalt

A robin, singing, calling out his song in the morning,
Sitting atop a spruce tree
Looking down over a suburban neighborhood

Cotton ball clouds floating, against a purple-pink sky
The sun is setting
Behind the tall stacks of the refinery

A jack rabbit sleeping, tucked in under a shrub
He notices us looking
So he hops out of the yard and crosses the street

Tree flowers blooming, looking to propagate
Then falling to the ground
To lie in the curb of the concrete sidewalk

Turdus migratorius American Robin, Cabin Lake ...

Image via Wikipedia


Now for reflections on shopping.  I had not been to a mall for a while due to my nothing new challenge, and surprised myself about how different I felt about spending time there:

Mall on a Saturday

People walking, looking
Carrying bags, talking on phones
Standing in checkout lines,
Opening their wallets and purses to pay

Look at this bag, this cute top
I want a new one today
How about some sandals, or a bracelet, a scarf,
Maybe a new fancy phone?

So many choices, so many things
So many labels and brands
So many people
Walking around

The sun shines brightly outside.


5 thoughts on “Nature in the City

  1. Your poems really resonate with me. This spring, as different trees have begun to bud and flower, it’s been so hard to ignore, yet everyone around me in the city doesn’t pay attention? I even had to “correct” someone in April who claimed it was still winter because we had one last cold snap. Once you start looking for life and colour, you see it everywhere, but how many people stop to do that in an urban environment?

    As for the culture shock you experienced in the mall, I feel the same way. Spending a beautiful day indoors, shopping aimlessly, is so foreign to me now.

    • Wow, thanks for that. I do feel different going to a mall now, it is like I am forever changed, and I see it in a whole new light. It makes me sad, in a quiet sort of way. I do feel quite alone in these thoughts, amongst the throngs of shopppers. It is nice to know that someone feels the same way!

  2. Nice job! I like both of your poems. Jessie Carty does a Thursday poemshare on her blog if you ever want to chime in. It’s really kind of fun and i’ve received helpful hints on how to make them better.

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