Light bulb Idea

So everyone says we have to “move past changing light bulbs and carrying reusable bags”. It is true. The changes that are required are so significant; it is hard to even wrap your head around them. Some people think we have to achieve an 80% reduction in CO2 by 2050 in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. How is that even possible? My daughter will be 42, with children of her own. What kind of world will it be for them?

Anywho – back to light bulbs and reusable bags… I think we all agree that they are an important first step for people. Do this, and you might be ready to take on other simple changes. Like air drying your clothes! Or using a travel mug! Or avoiding Styrofoam! There are so many things we can do. A million acts of green really. This gives me hope.

In light of this, (pun intended) I have a confession to make. Are you ready? As of last week, I still had incandescent light bulbs in my house.

What? The shame, the horror!

My reason was that the compact fluorescents just would not fit in most of my overhead light fixtures. It tried several brands, several sizes… The problem was that the base of the bulb was too big. So I changed all the ones I could and left the rest.

No more. Last week I marched down to my local hardware store and purchased some of these:

So do you like my Christmas tree in the background? I love Christmas tree prettiness. This is a light source I will not give up! I normally type at my computer at night after the kids are in bed, sitting in the dark with only the Christmas tree to light my way…

Back to light bulbs… These are small. They use only 9 watts. They shine brightly nonetheless. I switched out 7 of these for my 60 watters. So instead of 60 watts x 7 lights = 420 watts total, I have only 9 watts x 7 lights = 63 watts total. It is like getting a 7 for 1 deal really. It is an amazing reduction in wattage, a whopping 85%. I am so proud of these little 9 watters.

I also really like the Blue Planet brand; they seem to have more varied selection, they shine brightly in a nice warm white, and are cheaper. Bonus. Plus there is a pretty blue planet on the box. Really, you can’t beat that.


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